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Google Home Mini Price, Specs, Release Date, & Pre-Order (Video)Google just announced the Google Home Mini, the miniature version of Google’s popular voice-activated speaker, the Google Home. Just like its bigger sibling, the Google Home Mini is controlled via voice commands and allows you to do things like get answers from Google, stream music, get news & weather, and control smart home devices.

To learn more about what the Google Home (and the new Google Home Mini) can do, check out this guide. If you want to know how much the Google Home Mini is, when it will be available, and how to get it, continue to read on.


Google Home Mini Price, Release Date, and Pre-Order

The Google Home Mini retails for the price of just $49. At this price point, the Mini competes directly with Amazon’s similarly priced Echo Dot. The price also provides Google a chance to increase its share of the market. The pre-existing Google Home retails for $129.

If you are interested in purchasing a Mini, you don’t have to wait long. The Google Home Mini’s release date is October 18th, 2017. You will be able to buy the Mini online or in stores that day.

The Mini is sure to be a hit. As a result, the device may sell out around the holidays. Considering pre-ordering a Google Home Mini or two. That way, you are sure you get yours before Christmas shopping begins.

Google Home Mini Pre-Order Information

You can pre-order the Google Home Mini now! See it at one of the following retailers:

Buy Now ($49)  See at Wal-Mart See at Best Buy See at B&H Photo


Google Home Mini - Three Colors

How to get the Google Home Mini for free!

If you plan to order a Pixel 2, one of Google’s two new phones announced today, you get a special bonus. Upon ordering a Pixel 2, Google will send you a code that allows you to get a Google Home Mini for free!

Want to pre-order a Google Pixel 2? You can order them from here. Please note that the Pixel phones sold out fast last year.

Are you buying one?

Are you going to buy the Google Home Mini? What do you think about the device? Do you think it’s a hit or a miss? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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