The JBL Link View smart display will start shipping in a couple of weeks. If you are thinking about buying one of these devices, consider checking out one of the first-released reviews of the unit. See the CNET video review below. You can also read CNET’s full review here.

In the review, CNET praised the audio quality of the JBL Link View, pointing out the stronger bass it has over the similar Lenovo Smart Display. Essentially, for $250 you can get the 8-inch JBL Link View with its better audio, or for the same price you can get the Lenovo with its bigger 10-inch screen. A third option is to get the 8-inch Lenovo for $50 cheaper.

Besides the differences in audio quality and screen sizes, both the JBL and the Lenovo devices feature the same smart display software. Thus, your experience with each device will largely be the same. Of note, the Lenovo does allow you to place the device on its side to support a portrait mode for video chatting.

Which Smart Display device will you choose?

Are you going to buy a smart display from JBL or Lenovo? Are you going to wait for the upcoming Google-branded smart display? Already own a smart display? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.


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