Personal Goals for 2018 (Short Term and Long Term)

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I created this blog in part to document and share my journey into self-development and self-improvement. The first step of this journey is to establish some smart and meaningful personal goals. Below are some of the initial goals I have set. I will update this page over time with my progress and the next set of goals.

Short-Term Personal Goals

Here are some short-term goals I will be implementing right away. It can take a while to develop new habits. I’m interested in seeing how fast I can meet these goals and start working on my next set.

  • Wake Up Early: I’ve been a night owl since college. I often use the late hours for me-time after my wife goes to bed. For me at least, staying up late is one of the most unproductive things I do. This time is often spent watching TV or Netflix or YouTubes. Also, keeping late hours prevents me from taking advantage of my job’s flex hours (i.e. arrive early, leave early). This bad habit must be eliminated!
  • Get to Work Early: As I mentioned above, if I arrive to work early, I can leave early. By leaving work early, I can have more personal time after work. I can have more fun time as well. If I don’t achieve any short-term personal goal, this must not be one of them
  • Walk 10,000 Steps a Day: My Fitbit suggests that I should do this so I plan to do this. My wife and I often do a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. I will try to do this 30-minute walk every day.
  • Watch Even Less TV: This is easily the biggest time waster. In an effort to stop watching TV, I stopped watching comedies and dramas except for a few Sunday shows (Power, Shameless, Walking Dead, etc.). Now I watch a lot of politics. This TV watching must end, bigly!
  • Write More: One of my long-term goals is to improve my writing skills. Hopefully, I’ll meet this goal by writing for this site.

Long-Term Personal Goals

Below are my current long-term personal goals. I classify these as long-term goals as they will take time and effort to complete. Hopefully, I can demonstrate some progress on these goals the next time I update this article.

  • Learn a New Skill: My current work contract may end at the end of the year. Before I begin my job search, I want to learn something new to make myself more marketable. I also want to make more money. I need to research what skills to acquire and give my self a project that will help me develop the skill.
  • Renovate my Condo: My place looks like part home, part office, part computer lab. My wife has been very patient with me but I can see the patience running out! We will likely live in our place for another couple of years so we should fix it up and enjoy the upgrades.
  • Get Healthy: I have several nagging issues that will only get resolved if I give up sugar and lose weight. I am officially starting a new regiment today (or tomorrow, lol). After I click publish on this article, I will begin creating a diet and workout plan. Among other things, I plan to create some freezer meals to leverage the new freeze we just purchased. I’ll share my recipes and workout plans on the site.
  • Have More Fun: We are really in a rut when it comes to our downtime. We pretty much stick to the same routine. I want to spice this up a bit. One of the articles I plan to write for this site is on the topic of, “50 Date-Night Ideas”. Once I create the list, I plan to actually do everything on the list!

That’s it for now. I will continuously update this article as meet old goals and establish new ones. Wish me luck.

If you have feedback on my personal goals, or if you want to share the goals you are currently working on, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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